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Committed to our customers and delivering connectivity, agility and efficiency that enables businesses to grow and not be restricted by their IT infrastructure.

Established in 2010, we to deliver tailored solutions that fulfil the growing demands for cloud based solutions.

Our service offering continues to evolve and has been developed to provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with a cloud-based infrastructure that enables them to benefit from flexible working solutions that are secure whilst ensuring that quick recovery can be achieved in the event of a disaster.

The IT landscape continues to evolve and we recognise the need for customers to be able to meet these changing demands. Committed to providing solutions that meet the specific business needs of every customer, we work with our customers to provide complete peace of mind that their data and applications they rely on are best protected against ever-changing business threats.

Tailored IT, supporting business goals, focusing on customer experience

Business Focused IT Tools

By providing businesses with the appropriate tools and services, they can improve efficiency, embrace new technologies, minimise risks, increase security and reduce costs, all of which contribute to enhancing business growth.

Tailored Services

No two customer requirements are the same. We recognise that each client has different requirements, different environments and different considerations to work with. Our clients receive the same consistent delivery of service; from planning and implementation through to testing, migration and monitoring as well as being delivered on time, and to budget.

People Centric Way of Working

As a people-centric company, we are trustworthy, fair and straightforward, not only with our clients, but also all suppliers and fellow colleagues. With this work ethos, we create a positive and efficient workplace for all around us. We value customer satisfaction as much as our ability to provide exceptional IT services.

Scalable & Flexible

We provide scalable solutions that can evolve with our client’s ever-changing business requirements. We grow with our clients, making sure their IT supports their business requirements, within the budgets available. We are all about maximising value.


As well as having our sister company, SDT Limited, which delivers managed IT services that enables our clients to benefit from business IT solutions, we also work with a number of likeminded and trusted partners who are expert in their field and whose products and services complement our complete service range. We utilise our wider network to scale innovation and solve complex challenges.


We continually evolve and create efficiencies in our workplace. We pass on these benefits to our clients; whether that be new technologies or cost benefits. For our clients, we respond to market and client changes quickly and make change proactively.

As Cloud Computing specialists, our focus is to provide individual solutions tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

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Managed IT services

Our sister company SDT Limited, delivers businesses of all shapes and sizes customer focused and innovative IT services that empower businesses to do more with their IT investment.



Services include managed IT services, cyber security support, network services VoIP and telephony services.