How To Operate Your Business Remotely During Coronavirus

Operate Your Business Remotely

The Government guidelines advise and updates around Corona Virus are changing daily. With the world intently watching as the coronavirus spreads, business professionals would be wise to prepare for the possibility of an outbreak among their workers. Consequently, we are discussing several options with our clients to mitigate the impact should a large-scale outbreak take effect.

The novel coronavirus epidemic is a major global health concern. On 30th Jan the World Health Organisation labelled the outbreak as a global health emergency.

To help prevent the spread of the new virus, organisations, businesses and enterprises are protecting their workforce and allowing employees to work remotely. This practice helps limit individual contact with large groups or crowds (e.g., restaurants, offices, transit) where viruses can easily spread.

As such, ‘stay at home’ is a common phrase in many regions across the UK. By establishing a remote connection, you can access everything on your desktop computer from anywhere. Remote access is an efficient and beneficial option for businesses with remote employees. By establishing a secure remote access connection, your network becomes available on-the-go, via any web browser, allowing productivity from any and all locations.

Precautions are now being put in place which are causing unexpected increases in mobile workers; many organisations don’t have enough virtual private network (VPN) licenses to accommodate the increase of users. This is a serious risk as employees will either not have access to business resources or, worse, they will do so via non-secure connections.

Organisations and enterprises in affected areas should review their business continuity plans and solutions should be put in place as soon as possible. This current situation should be a wake-up call to your organisation that technology is becoming increasingly important. It is not only critical in “crisis” situations, such as the current coronavirus outbreak; digital communication / sharing tools are increasingly being considered as a replacement to the traditional office environment. 

Our Professional Services team will work with you to devise a plan that includes setting up Remote Access Solutions to allow either whole teams or individuals to work from home or different locations. 

We specialise in providing cloud-based, secure infrastructure and business continuity solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

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